R&D Center

Berteks has been adopting ever-changing and developing technology to improve its product quality and to strengthen its position and completed successfully Onsite R&D Center Application and Evaluation process of the Department of Science, Industry, and Technology in 2016 and became the 19th R&D center in the textile industry.  Berteks R&D Center has 280 m² offices, a laboratory of 471 m² and R&D weaving machines on an area of 110 m² which makes a total of 861 m². There are 3 different laboratories in the R&D Center: R&D laboratories, physics laboratory, and chemistry laboratory. The R&D Center consists of the R&D Project Management, Design & Product Development, Process Development, Software Development, R&D Laboratory, R&D Sample Production, R&D Support, Intellectual Rights Departments.

Thanks to its strong infrastructure, the R&D laboratories perform flammability tests, light fastness, yarn and fabric rubbing fastness, washing fastness, water fastness, sweat fastness, colour fastness tests, Martindale abrasion and piling test, moisture test, resistance tests and fiber analyses.

Product simulations and tests are carried out in the chemistry and physics laboratories. Experiments with colouring agents and chemicals, process development activities, activities to reduce costs and improve efficiency and relevant tests are the main work carried out in the R&D center. The library in the R&D Center includes local and international periodicals, symposium and seminar booklets and notes, published textbooks and design catalogs.

The company carries out projects in its R&D Center together with its R&D staff who are all experts in their areas with their different background and education to develop innovative, functional, eco-friendly and user-friendly products with a high competitive edge and added value and to develop efficient processes.

BERTEKS offers innovative and contemporary design products for living spaces and outdoor areas. The company’s philosophy is to develop modern, stylish, technical and comfortable products which that are in line with new architectural trends and needs. Exporting 85% of its production, Berteks intends to leverage from his long years of experience to manufacture technical textile products with high added value in order to increase its global export market share. The company specifically works to add new products to its antibacterial, water-repellent, acoustic and flame-resistant technical textile products to improve its competitive edge. Products of the future are created in the R&D Center while the company is transitioning from conventional textile products to technical textile products.

The R&D Center works to create technological information to help the country’s economy achieve a level to compete better globally; to bring innovation to products and manufacturing processes; to increase product quality and standard; to increase efficiency; to lower manufacturing costs;  to commercialize technological knowledge;  to improve pre-competitive collaboration; to increase the number of the R&D staff and of qualified employees; to build an infrastructure to allow a transition to “Industry 4.0”.

Keeping in mind the need in ongoing and/or planned projects and potential in the R&D center, the company works with universities and other educational institutions, Teknokent companies and coordinates with public agencies during research and development processes to accelerate the progress and increase the knowledge of Berteks. The company participates in relevant R&D conferences, trade shows, R&D project markets, technical training etc, to include new products to its product portfolio.